Tuesday, September 13, 2011


you can say whatever you want.. you can talk or you can curse.. hahhaha..

i dont give a damn with that kind of people... you express your feeling towards Blog... WTF...

whatever la you.. F.. Off....


1st entry for 2011..

wakakka.... almost kana kubur my blog... luckily i manage to remember back the email i used to sign in...if not.. teda la tu sa post2 anything suda nie...

Click me!!!!!!!!!!

life is like a cup of tea... hmmm or coffee???

click me then you know.......

Saturday, October 23, 2010


nothing much i want to type here...

sa saja mo update knu blog..

maka ini ja pun....


later la

Saturday, August 28, 2010


have you ever wonder why some people look good in a dress that does not suit you at all?

guess get u'll need all this info on how to get a good measure of yourself in order to bting out the best in you...

 so here the answer to that question is simple choose a dress that fit you and wear it!.. yeah that right!

below some of the chart and measure so just use that as ur reference~~~~

this is the right way to measure your body before u purchase online or/ and make ur own design of clothes

follow this!! the right way.. so that u get the perfect measurement of ur body... just nice

yup~~ that right.... this the measurement guide.. just follow this and u'll get a perfect measurement of your body... do ask ur friend to help u...

need something long sleeves?? follow this measurement guide... very helpful

using measurement tape is kinda lame and wasted ur time?? try to look on this measurement chart..easier and fast... BUT not all the measurement chart is perfect for ur body.. u still need a help with the measurement tape anyway~~ XD


i guess this one much more important because since nowadays shop do have different type of measurement i guess this one much more useful for your next shopping tips.. XD...

hope that it will help u to get the right and perfect dress/ clothes for u~~

Monday, August 23, 2010

holla peeps.. tips for curvy body

well... something interesting here...

Find a Great Tailor

"Anything you wear should be proportioned to your body, and a good tailor will make sure everything fits perfectly. I either have my tailor at every fitting or I have my stylist pin my wardrobe and take it to the tailor before I wear anything. Shortening a hem line on a dress can make a huge difference!"
got this from kim k.. yes.. everything is so true i mean the statement lol!!... for those who is curvy body and stylist, u doesnt have to worry so much about fashion style.. all u need is a great tailor yes! a great tailor just like what the famous celebrity Kim Kardishian said... FIND A GREAT TAILOR... and all ur problem will automatically settled. LOL..
As for me.. i have my own tailor.. i wont go to other tailor coz i DONT really trust them and they doesnt really know much bout my body...that y till now i still go for the same tailor LOL


YES... fashion for all size..
soon or later.. my blog will change into new interest..
there will be more about fashion...( huh?!!)
YUP.. my blog will have a new image with new interest..
i'll post more on fashion thingy for all sizes.. lol..
err~~ actually i prefer medium n big size xtra big size onward..because people who wear small or xtra small easy mah to find clothes..so no need la give them tips kan XD butul kan lol
i'll give some tips on fashion style... makeup things.. and so forth..
and sa mo jua kritik la sikit2 lol.... (malar~~~)

so i need ur opinion?? kusung ka?? inda kana kusung ka sa buat gini?? lol